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RAGNAROK Vikings at War 1.0.0 (beta) apk

Be a Viking! Discover and conquer the world together with other gamers and unlock fascinating rewards while doing it. A realistic Viking setting with attractive graphics and tactical challenges awaits you here.
RAGNAROK Vikings at War was Published by seal Media, It’s not officially released, as the first RAGNAROK game, you can’t miss it.

RAGNAROK Vikings at War
RAGNAROK Vikings at War

Fog comes up as you and your warriors hit their shields, always unwaveringly looking into the eyes of your enemy. Many nautical miles away from home, you are ready to conquer new territory.
The storm whips up the sea. But neither the weather nor the Anglo-Saxons in front of you can stop you. You are ready to fight! Ready to have your feast with the Gods in Valhalla. But Odin can wait. The End will come and the World of Gods and Men shall wane, but not before you have your victory!

In Ragnarok – Vikings at War, you impersonate a dreaded Viking warrior. Together with other gamers, you fight for new land, glory and wealth in historic settings. Build a new clan, unite against hostile gamers and increase your chances of victory. Activate new challenges that will bring you ever closer to your target: To conquer the World!

• Great construction game with 20 unique varieties f buildings and a trade system
• Epic war game with legendary Viking heroes and tactical challenges
• Realistic Viking setting with impressive graphics
• Competition content with PvE, PvP and rankings based on awards
• Enjoy copious content with clans, single- and multi-player combat, achievements and much more
• Play together with thousands of other gamers on a variety of devices and in a common MMO Game World!
• There are no horn helmets in this game!

We want to keep improving Ragnarok – Vikings at War! If you have suggestions and ideas about how to do that, our Support Team is looking forward to hear from you.
Make contact with our support whenever you have problems with the game.

Download info

  • Name: RAGNAROK Vikings at War Unreleased
  • Format: apk
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Size: 53.5 M
  • Download Now

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