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Micopi+ v5.2.78

This paid version has these advantages over Pico:
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Micopi+ —

Micopi allows you to assign a unique image to every person in your telephone's contact list. If you do not happen to have a (decent) photo of someone you know, you can use the app to simply generate one.
Micopi does not use a random number generator to create these images. It exclusively uses contact data such as the name, the phone number or the e-mail address and turns these into geometric figures and colors. This way, all of your contacts have a unique image.

Don't worry, your information is not saved in the app, used for other purposes or transmitted to us. Only data stored in your contact list is used.

This app has been thoroughly tested but we recommend making a backup of your most precious contacts and pictures, just in case.

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Download info

  • Name: Micopi+
  • Format: apk/zip
  • Version: 5.2.78
  • Size: 23 MB
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