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Lost Offline Pro v3.1

Lost Offline Pro allows you to find your lost or stolen device without the need of internet connection, it uses SMS!
app screenshothttps://youtu.be/POtVMxtsIAU
Lost Offline Pro With Lost Offline Pro a you to make your device ring even if it was on silent, you can also lock it with a password or erase all your data from it.

The app can hide it self from the launcher, if you choose to activate this option, you'll need to open the dialer, enter your PIN and click on "Call" in order to show it again.

Use any phone and send SMS to your lost phone containing one of the following (without + signs) :
For location: YOUR_CODE + location
For ringing: YOUR_CODE + ring
For locking: YOUR_CODE + lock + NEW_PASSWORD
For Erasing: YOUR_CODE + erase

· When locking, the password can contains any characters BUT NOT SPACES.
· Location will be sent to you using SMS, this may incur additional charges from your service provider.
· This app uses the Device Administrator permission in order to change device's password and erase data when you want to.

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Download info

  • Name: Lost Offline Pro
  • Format: apk/zip
  • Version: 3.1
  • Size: 1 MB
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