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Geometry Solver Pro v1.32

This version is ad free and also contains:
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Geometry Solver Pro Languages: English, Deutsch, español, français, italiano, polski, português, română, русский, Türkçe, Nederlands, română

NaN Geometry Solver is the most advanced application for solving geometry problems. There is a complete solution delivered for each issue to satisfy every teacher or student.

The application solves every algebraic problem including those with:
– fractions
– roots
– powers

you can also use parentheses, decimal numbers and Pi number.

An advanced validation of data entry allows you to find the errors quickly and corrects them for you immediately.

NaN Geometry Solver will calculate all the parameters of the figure, if you enter the necessary data. The order of data entry depends on you!

– Do you want to calculate a side of the square? No problem. Nan Geometry Solver will do it for you.
– Do you have an angle and a side of the right triangle? Perfect. Other values can be calculated.

None of your geometry tasks will be a problem now with NaN Geometry Solver. This application has very advanced, powerful and easy – to – use interface.

Additionally, it contains all the useful formulas which you will need to solve geometry tasks. But thats not enough! You do not have to figure it out how did you get a result. This application not only gives you the solution, it also shows you all the formulas which had been used. Pythagorean Theorem, sines and cosines are no longer a problem.

This application is able to do calculation on the following figures:
– square
– rectangle
– rhombus
– parallelogram
– triangle
– equilateral triangle
– right triangle
– isosceles triangle
– triangle 30-60-90
– Pythagorean theorem
– circle
– annulus
– trapezoid
– right trapezoid
– isosceles trapezoid,
– regular hexagon
– sphere
– cylinder
– cone
– regular tetrahedron
– cube
– square prism
– cuboid
– square pyramid
– triangular pyramid
– thales' theorem
– ellipse
– regular Pentagon
– Kite
– Triangular prism
– trigonometry
– regular octagon
– regular dodecagon
– hexagonal prism
– hexagonal pyramid
– barrel

– You can calculate the inradius and circumradius on a square or an equilateral triangle
– Lots of formulas useful in solving tasks.

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  • Name: Geometry Solver Pro
  • Format: apk/zip
  • Version: 1.32
  • Size: 7.2 MB
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