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CyberSphere Online v1.65

Your new favourite in the shooting games industry, with twinstick control system, fighting to the deathmatch. The online Scifi game that will get you hooked!
Player, are you ready? Now, aboard the Spaceship!
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CyberSphere Online Key Features:
★ Slick futuristic 3D graphics – making it feel like reality.
★ Single-player – you only have yourself to rely on to prevent the apocalypse.
★ Crossplatform multiplayer – up to 8 players with iOS and Android devices can play together.
★ Offline mode – you can play without internet connection.
★ PVE with friends – join forces and increase your firepower in virtual fightin!
★ PVP mode – find out, who is the best pilot!
★ Plenty of weapons – more than 32 deadly guns.
★ Many support drone models – The drone squad you want to be a part of, so use your AI-controlled guardians.
★ Lot of character types – manage futuristic tanks, walking mechas, cyborgs and solders, each with unique special ability!
★ Easiness of control – you can manage it intuitively using on-screen controls or gamepad
★ Global ratings – become the Sci-fI best robot destroyer in the world!
★ A variety of enemies – fighting robots, aliens, cyborgs
★ Small size – under 50 mb!
★ Non-stop Sci Fi Top down cyborg shooter action – one of the most interesting games of 2018, it will not let you relax even a single second!

This is a perfect Third Person Shooter, all it needs is a more bigger multiplayer community,I’m really hoping for some new guns( railgun and freeze gun m2?)but as it is, the game is really fun. I love the variety of robots,but I wish that you could maybe make the rocket sphere shoot 6 rockets instead of 3, but its just done as it is. The best part of this game? Its completely free to play,abd you can get everything (guns,drones,robots) within a week. So,thanks,and keep up the amazing work.

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Download info

  • Name: CyberSphere Online Mod Apk
  • Format: apk
  • Version: 1.65
  • Size: 54 MB
  • Download Now

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