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Critical Ops 0.9.10.f136 Mod Apk

Are you ready for a no-nonsense, action-packed first person shooter? This game is totally cool and fair. There is no such thing as buying powerful guns. And have nice graphics. Only probelm is lag when other players join the battle.And i don’t know if it is usual in other fps games to join the match in middle of the game.sometime i enter deathmatch to play it for only a few minutes where the other team is already on upperhand with alot of kills.And i don’t know why but I can’t find any rank match.So it feels like playing without any progress.And i feel like the map is small too.But overall it’s the best fair fps games i have seen in all of play store.

app screenshot
Critical Ops Critical Ops is a fast-paced FPS that will test your reflexes and tactical skill. Experience an intense CT operation. Fight for domination alongside your friends or show the world your skill by leading the individual scoreboard. Join the competitive combat in the most skill-based portable FPS!

The game currently features three challenging game modes:

Two teams, two goals! One team trying to plant and defend the bomb until detonation, the other one trying to defuse it. Dominate the battlefield!

Two opposing teams battle it out in a timed deathmatch. Make each bullet count!

Two teams fight against each other with individual players working their own way through all the weapons in the game. Gear Up!

Critical Ops is still under development, but you can download and play the game now! We will keep working on the game continuously to fix bugs, improve optimization and add a ton of new features and content to the game! Critical Ops is and always will be a free-to-play game. Purchases come only to visually customize your weapons with skins.

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Download info

  • Name: Critical Ops
  • Format: apk/zip
  • Version: 0.9.10.f136
  • Size: 29 MB
  • Download Now

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