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Buggle v1.2.8

Uh, oh! Greedy Queen Bee and her soldier bee army has arrived! The peaceful Bubble Island of bubble bear games and friendly bubble bears is now in danger! Join the bubble bear Andrew's quest for honey!
app screenshothttps://youtu.be/uAxDoZu8mY8
Buggle The gluttonous Queen Bee is hoarding all of the sweet honey, and it is up to Andrew the bear and his animal friends to prevent the tyranny of the Bee Army.

Good news is that Andrew and his bubble bear pals have amazing bubble pop shooter skills, thanks to their favorite bubble games! Their secret weapon against the Queen Bee's army is the bubble shooter!

Use the color match bubble shooter to help Andrew in his resistance against the greedy Queen Bee and her snoopy bee soldiers! Pop, whirl, and blast the bubbles with plenty of special items and shoot that red bubble!

Look out for the help of Andrew's bear friends, like the polar bear and panda bear!

Play Buggle 2, one the best free puzzle games for adults!

Find the official Buggle 2 Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/buggletwo/

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Download info

  • Name: Buggle
  • Format: apk/zip
  • Version: 1.2.8
  • Size: 50 MB
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